June is our Winter Wonderland month

June is our Winter Wonderland month

The sensual Sexcapades team is introducing their theme for the month: Winter Wonderland. Cue the “Oohs” and “Aahs” as your mind wanders to thoughts of crackling fires, fur blankets and hot chocolate. But we’ve got another suggestion for you, because the fastest way to warm up your wonderland is snuggling up with the body heat of another person. Public announcement: you’ll need their consent first!

So warm yourself up with our soothing voices and lovable company this winter. We’re just as good as wrapping your body inside a fur blanket and your hands around a mug of hot chocolate, promise!

Diarise these June Sexcapade releases and don’t forget to visit our site every Thursday afternoon to catch the latest episode:

1st June: My First Time

8th June: Prudence

15th June: Cuddle Buddies (we have some interesting guests for this one!)

22nd June: Baby-making Weather (if you’re still not sure how babies are made, this one is for you)

29th June: Teaching Kids About Sex

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