Episode 2 | Prudence

Episode 2 | Prudence

We all have a friend or two who gets a little uncomfortable when the topic of sex comes up. They are usually associated with the word “Prude”. In this episode we delve into the meaning of Prudence and how being a “Prude” can have its pros and cons. We also deconstruct the notion of the “good girl” and attempt to find the line between what’s wholesome and nasty.



Hosted By: Scarlett A and Queen Cinnamon
Produced with the help of The Soapbox
Music by: Passion HiFi

2 Replies to “Episode 2 | Prudence”

  1. Is it still considered prude if your religious beliefs don’t allow such conversations and you as a person are ok with not having the conversation anyway?

    1. Hey There!

      As we say in the episode, there is no line as to define what is prude and what is not. You are welcome to define that for yourself, but don’t let other people label you.

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